Friday, May 01, 2009

Donna Downey, YOU SUCK!!

If you don't want to read my post or intend on putting up a nasty comment because I am about to BASH Donna Downey then just move your happy a$$ on along......seriously! This is MY blog and I'll write whatever in the hell I want with it.
I am attending the Inspired in a week. I am pissed...PISSED that I have given Donna Downey my money!! However, I will never EVER buy another Donna Downey product, look at her blog again, have anything to do with this woman. You won't believe this story from a fellow attendee...
this just sucks in so many ways I was diagnosed with sinus cancer. I have been through the hoops of tests and all that crap that goes along with it. Each time I was told "you'll have surgery within the next 2 weeks" it ended up being longer. So, I had plans to go to the Donna Downey Inspired event. I was meeting AKathy there. We haven't seen each other in a couple of years. I was excited and knowing the scheduling of my tests and the timing, I was hoping to go to the event and then have surgery. Well, it is cancer after all and my surgeon wants to do it on the 5th. I contacted Inspired folks and they have no emergency medical cancellation policy. As a matter of fact, I'm not even allowed to sell it or give it away either. They will send me the kits. I have spent $630 and they will send me kits. She said they have already ordered the supplies so that is how it goes. Yeah, I know my luck is bad. And the hits just keep on coming. My friend sent me a link to a yahoo group for Inspired. I went on hoping to sell my spot but as I was accepted to the group, I heard from the Inspired folks that I am out of luck. Can't sell it or give the spot away. I posted on the yahoo board about this. I was very surprised/disappointed/shocked etc. Now I guess since I rocked the happy boat, they have now kicked me off that board with out so much as a word. I am not being bitchy. I am not trying to piss anybody off. I am just frustrated. I have someone in the vicinity of the event that might want to go. I am going to take the kits since it's all I can get. But really, does this surprise anyone else? I can prove I am having surgery. I can prove the diagnosis. I am not looking for a freebie. Can't they just charge me for the materials? It just makes me sad. I don't want cancer. I want to go to Inspired and maybe I am just having a pity party. Thanks for listening. (sorry I can't go with you Kathy!!!)
So apparently Donna Downey calls her back and tells her...

update ********************* Donna called me. She was very kind. And very sympathetic to my situation. There was a misunderstanding on the yahoo board, it seems. Someone over there decided to defend me in a lengthy post and it misconstrued the info. And I had nothing to do with that. She did explain their policy and why it's in place. The money has already been spent. They pay teachers, supplies, travel, etc. It is a business after all. I just want to move on. I have a lot on my plate. I need to get myself mentally prepared for what lies ahead. And I have an 8 yr old here that needs me.

Let me just say the cancer stuff is legitimate. She has proof and both the airlines and hotel have refunded her money.
Hours later on the 2 peas message board Donna finally decides to give this gal her money back after self-admittingly being "hit over the head with a bag of bricks". Really? It took a bag of bricks for you to see you'd been wrong in your stance on this??

I say too little, too late Donna...there is no remorse in your reply.

Never, EVER again Donna Downey!!! Although I will attend the Inspired event (because I won't lose my $1000+), I will not purchase one thing at the event that will put any money in your pocket AND I will boycott everything that has your hand in it from this point forward.


Anonymous said...

May I just say, kudos to you for standing up for Sharon too. I stumbled onto your site via a google on this inspired thing. I don't blame you at all for wanting to go and get your money's worth, but it sure must take the excitement out of it after what dd did on 2peas. May I suggest you seek out Kathy and befriend her. She's afraid people will shun her at this event. I am glad I didn't know about this event myself. I would have signed up because the crafts are all very interesting. One of the instructors (from Ten Second Studio) is a cancer survivor herself. I doubt she would have agreed with how DD handled this. I bet they are all embarrassed and angry that their good names are linked with this now.

Anonymous said...

Inspired had a NO REFUND policy. It was not personal. Just like most businesses. Just because this is scrapbooking, Donna is supposed to 'scrap' all her policies that are put in place to keep business running. It is a BUSINESS after all - why does she constantly get bashed for running a business - if it wasn't for people like her that have business sense AND creativity, people like you would have no events to attend and no products to buy and no blogs to read, etc, etc, etc.

In real life people get sick (feel bad for her but you know it happens all the time) and don't get money back. She knew she was sick, and surgery was possible and yet she chose to take a chance. It is unfortunate bad luck for her. Instead of bitching all over the internet, perhaps she should rest up for her surgery. Why did she chose to bitch on the 2peas forum instead of calling the Better Business Bureau (perhaps because they would just tell her, as Donna did, that the event had a NO REFUND policy and the event personnel did nothing wrong)?

I hope it works out well for her. But there is no need to try to ruin Donna Downey for having COMMON PRACTICE business policies. Hopefully this woman has a great surgery, and then she can sign up for an event that had a better cancellation policy (good luck with that though, all the ones I have seen have similar NO REFUND policies).

Randy said...

The "Anonymous" that is on the business practice bandwagon is so wrong.

I understand about the No Refund stance, but why on earth couldn't she transfer it to someone else. I wouldn't take the money back if it were me, after all of this got started. The Business will need all they can get with all of the bad PR they are getting over this.

I guess business takes the place of human compassion and simple understanding.

Anonymous said...

The event also had a clear NOT TRANSFERABLE policy too.

Go try and explain to any other company that you want your money back or to 'transfer' your spot to someone else when thier policy clearly states that it does not allow that, and see if they feel "human compassion and simple understanding" for you. They won't. Try that with an airline, a university or college, a store with a no refund policy, ANY OTHER EVENT - NOT JUST A DD EVENT, etc, etc, etc. Why, because it is a company run a woman who scrapbooks and is in the industry of 'creativity', do you feel that she should bend the rules. Lets just open the floodgates for everyone to expect the rules to be broken...

Rene said...

1. Sharon (the lady with cancer) did not know she was sick last August when we signed up for this event.

2. Sharon was flying in to attend this event. The airlines gave her a refund.

3. Although airlines state the tickets are "non-refundable" the majority of the airlines will allow you to change the reservation for a fee. I have had to do that a couple of times and that fee runs approximately $50-$150. The ticket can then be used at a later date.

4. Although the policy for this event was clearly stated, the scrapbook industry (where Donna started) is all about family and recording memories. There is a perception of a compassionate and understanding moral compass. That's where Donna Downey failed here. She lacked compassion for Sharon with her curt "no refund" responses.

5. Within the past few months I came to the realization that Donna was a money-hungry woman and had already decided that she would be removed from my blog roll, etc. after this event was over. Even before this incident her greedy ways irked me. Other artists (Ali,Cathy Z.) give ideas away on their blog. Not Donna..everything has a price! She'd sell her kids on her website if she could get away with it.

6. This fiasco has taught me that no "celebrity" is this important! I will never attend another artistic event like (after CKU later this month).

7. I speak with my wallet. Not only have I decided to boycott Donna Downey but all companies that carry her product. I have been on many email lists for scrapbook products. Just this morning I received a couple of emails from companies that carry Donna's products. I promptly unsubscribed and sent an email to explain why.

8. It's my blog and I get to bash whomever I want as long as I feel I have justification.

Roxanne said...
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Randy said...

Yeah, I know it had a NT policy too. Obviously you want to hide behind the policies and ignore any Human Compassion.

I have worked in Sales for most of my professional life and there are always exceptions to policies. They are in place to keep everyone from taking advantage of you, but exceptions are always allowed in extreme situations.

I certainly think Cancer is an acceptable situation. Especially when she just wanted to be able to transfer her position.

I guess Anonymous has always followed every rule, law and policy to the letter and never wanted things bent just a little for them. And I bet it wasn't for such a good reason.

tiatuenge said...

I have to say that cancer surgery should definitely merit a refund or at least a credit to attend a future event. I own a business and have for years and I'd say that cancer is more that 'people get sick'.

There is a serious lack of compassion. Perhaps Dona Downey could learn a valuable lesson from (an incredibly successful online website) who not only refunded the money to the daughter of a purchaser who had died but also sent flowers and their condolences.

To the woman who has the cancer I would like to recommend a book by Kris Carr, who wrote it based on her experience of healing her cancer though diet and lifestyle changes. I'm enjoying it very much and Sharon may too. Here's the link if yo want to check it out.

lau said...

One of the reasons that tired me about scrapbooking designers/clubs etc was the sickening fanatism that scrapbookers pay to them. You can never critisize, claim, or bring up something as wrong as this, because a little lady will jump up and eat you alive in defense of this bussiness women. At least you are not shameless and hid your name ano

lau said...

go and scrap away some more anonymous.

Juliana Leo said...

I read through a few of your comments, and have to go along with the Gal dealing with cancer. Needless to say, when a person encounters a life changing event, it takes a toll on your emotionally, and it Hits the Pocketbook. Your life feels threatened and you are scared. So what if Donna had to refund the money - come on! Are you THAT inhuman to not be understanding over one person's circumstances that you aren't willing to give it up financially? What will you lose, Donna? Your whole business? Then maybe it wasn't all that good in the first place, to not encounter a $$ setback? and be considerate enough to work with this lady?

I've been there, I've dealt with life changing circumstances - and lost ALOT. And besides all the well wishes, and pats on the back, and oh, YOU are so strong... Would it not have been helpful to be Given to once in a while.

I don't care what the policy says - We are FELLOW humans. And if we take a policy more important than the concern over another being - then we have really lowered ourselves to the dung heap this world has become.

I'm sure stress and grief pushed this woman to reach out and share her circumstances about what was happening. Can't blame her either. We don't get to hire an Internet Policy Lawyer - so you reach out for validation and support.

wow, I've invested money in classes too, and I know it's a real stretch to invest that sort of dough. But will the world stop if you have to refund $$ - I don't think so.

Juliana Leo said...

Ditto on the Kris Carr comment - I lost several family members and friends this year to cancer. And I highly recommend learning more about foods and diseases. Food Nation is another good video to watch.

We are such a sick society due to governmental controls and the list goes on... We have to fight back in some way and if that means complaining - so be it.

Keep your Spirit alive - Artists are very giving people - but when you mix business and art - the two just don't seem to mix well. The greed takes over.


Miss Lori Ann said...

MAY GOD BLESS SHARON THROUGH HER CANCER AND HELP HER FIND PEACE AND HEAL QUICKLY - WE ALL NEED TO FEEL HEARD AND UNDERSTOOD. Life is beautiful, but sometimes you have to really look for it... but it is ALWAYS there. Big Hugs to Sharon...

royne Rea rand said...

I BOUGHT A CLASS from donna downey on the payment plan. after the first payment I took my head out of the clouds and knew I couldn't afford it. I contacted them, they said," if the class sells out we will give you your money back". so I contact them after the inspired weekend and find out the class didn't sell out, but Bill, who is awesome ( big Bill downey fan)
gave me a credit for their store for the 125.00 I spent. I felt like this was more than fair.
I LOVE DONNA! I love her fabulous personality! I love her SPARK
I love her, " what ifs" I love Bill, who as a husband agreed to making art as their way of earning a living....(YOU ROCK BILL DOWNEY) and I LOVE ME SOME DONNA DOWNEY!