Saturday, May 02, 2009

OY's this for an apology???

ok i am still here reading.
i have been all night following the comments
kandi should NOT have posted. it only got everyone fired up again. (thank you kandi for trying but it didnt help)
maybe i am firing everyone up again?
i dont know i want you to know i am human.
your words hurt
i dont care if you buy my products...who cares.
what i do care about is the attack on my character.

i made a mistake, yes, bad is not the way i run my company, nor the way i want to run my company.

i wish i could just walk away from the computer but it is like watching a train wreck and i am in the train.
Man oh man...she just doesn't get it.
And don't you just love the part where she say she doesn't care if you buy her products?
Such good business savvy.....

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