Monday, June 08, 2009

This Sounds Like Fun!

I love my new camera and I love taking pictures...just ask the boys and Roxanne (seriously, I think they cry a little on the inside when I say "let's take a picture.") With my new camera I am trying to learn to be more artistic in my photos and see things through different eyes. Think of the previous post, the picture with the lion, I think the technique of having the closest thing in focus and the background out of focus is awesomely cool! I also love architecture and looking at how things are built. I want photography to be a bigger hobby in my life and not just a past time. This leads me to what's behind today's post.

I was stumbling along through my normal set of blogs when I ran across information about Scott Kelby's Second-Annual Worldwide Photo Walk. Here's the premise - photographers all around the world gather in groups on a specific day (July 18th this year) and walk around together taking photos of wherever they've chosen. From that point each group chooses a "best photo" and submits it to the website. Then there's some judging that goes on (but since I'm still learning how to use my camera I figure my photo won't be chosen so why bother reading/understanding the whole contest part of it.)

I checked to see if Knoxville had a group that was going to participate and found two! So, I signed up for one. On July 18th I'll meet the group (max 50 people) at a little coffee shop and at 9:00am we'll head out to take photos of the historic Knoxville downtown. At noon we'll find a place to eat together and share photos. What I think is really cool is that you are with a group of like-minded individuals that offer you the opportunity to see how THEY saw the same exact thing as you. I think this will be an opportunity to stretch my creativity and envision things in a whole new way.

Anyway, I encourage you to sign up HERE. It's a 3 hour committment and no expensive camera is required. A simple point and shoot will work. Plus, it will get you outside for 3 hours and you may just meet someone totally great in the process.

I think it's such an interesting concept...

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Roxanne said...

You always find the coolest and sometimes weirdest things to do no matter where you are. Hope you have fun at this event. By the way, was told today I have to go to Milwaukee in July. All I keep thinking about is Laverne and Shirley!