Monday, July 27, 2009

Long time, no blog

I won't lie...the written exams took everything I had last week to complete. I am not sure how I did but I figure that whether pass or fail they are done! It's not over yet, though. This week on Wednesday are my oral exams. I am very nervous and not sure I'm ready.

Last night I headed down to Market Square to see the Shakespeare in the Square presentation of A Midsummer's Night's Dream. It was very good! I seem to understand the plays more than reading the books. I get lost in the language in the books and don't enjoy them. Later this week this theater company is doing Hamlet. I'm going to go see that either Friday or Sunday. It's great...just bring your lawn chair, your dinner, and the desire to have a good time!

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Roxanne said...

Don't stress too much over the oral used to make me believe we were going to start a circus so you have the gift of gab. I am so excited you are getting ready for your cruise...all the stress will just float away with each wave. Cool idea the Shakespeare on the park idea. Sounds fun. Something I would do.