Monday, August 17, 2009


Alaska was amazing...truly amazing! It's difficult to put the experience into words because I think it is something that really needs to be experienced. I could not have asked for a better time and I am so happy that I was able to share the experience with Richard. If he thanked me once he thanked me a hundred times for taking him on this trip. He had a fabulous time as well and I will share more pictures of him this coming week. I took 1,841 pictures on my camera and he took 28 on his. My photos are taking a little while to get through so I'm simply posting some of my favorites here.

The picture below is my favorite photo of the whole trip. Richard took this of me standing in front of Harvard Glacier at the head of College Fjord. I had the camera set on the sports setting so he caught my scarf mid-lift. I just love that you can't see my eyes but can see that I'm smiling! This glacier calved twice while we were there. The sound was wonderful! The natives call the sound "white thunder." We could also hear the snap, crackle, and pop as the glacier moved. Harvard glacier is an advancing glacier meaning that is is continuing to grow rather than retreat.

Ah, what a cool whale tail!! Saw this while on my sea otter tour and it was totally a surprise as this whale came up alongside the ship unexpectely. I am going to send in a copy of this photo to the marine mammal database to find out about this whale. Did you know that the markings on each whale's tail are as unique as our fingerprints? True...

Richard in front of Mendenhall Glacier. We went there after a whale watching trip. We also got to see a black bear and her cubs. I'll post pictures of that later as we got some really great photos of that! The bears were ~15 feet from us. Breathtaking!

Richard and me with the crew of the Alleutian Ballad. This was the Deadliest Catch tour and I highly, HIGHLY recommend it if you go to Alaska! The crew was absolutely fabulous. For those that don't know, this boat that we were on tipped over on it's side and the crew had to be rescued during the first season of the show. It has since been restored and converted to a tour boat. Watching them bring up the crab cages was really cool. I put a picture of me with an Alaskan King Crab in my blog header.

There will be more pictures forthcoming. I just need to get through them all and figure out what I want to post. I hope this will give you just a taste of our trip. Richard and I talked about it at the end and thought if we went back we'd really like to do a land trip rather than another cruise. The cruise was great but I really would like the opportunity to do things on my time at my pace. So, I'd probably fly into Anchorage and rent a car next time to drive through different parts of Alaska and Denali National Park.
More later...I promise...


Anonymous said...

how awesome! thanks for sharing some pics and can't wait to see more!
very very cool!

Anonymous said...

over the weekend - I showed some friends John Pinette - and laughed! anyway yesterday when Roxanne and I posted that we wanted pictures =
I could have said
Alaskan pictures and a post
Alaskan pictures and a post (like how Pinette said Ravolies and a Nap!

Roxanne said...

Fantastic but I can't see all of the pictures : ( probably due to work filters. I will open it up again at home. Glad you had a fantastic time and love hearing about it. I see my youngest nephew is growing into such a young man!!! Handsome too!!

Anonymous said...

OMG the scrapbooking possibilities are endless. These pics are so awesome. I am so jealous.


mbrshort40 said...

I can see this trip sucked! 1800 pics...could that be a record? I took around 295 & BIL took about the same! Will be a large scrapbook! I loved it too! How long would it take to drive from Ankorage to Denali?

Anonymous said...

I especially love the one with the crab. Was he 'dinner" that night? I agree also with the idea of renting a car and driving around ourselves. Most of my favorite trips have been that way. Looking forward to more fab pix and their stories.
Judy & (Ernie too)