Thursday, August 20, 2009

More Alaska

Continuing on with pictures from Alaska....below we have one of the best pictures of Richard!! Look at the smile on this kids face!! In his hands he holds a 32 pound Alaskan King Salmon that he caught for me!! He caught 2 fish on this trip including a silver salmon. Both are cut into fillets and are in my freezer at home. Richard said this was his most favorite excursion. I would have loved to send him fishing again but we ran out of time. Have I mentioned lately how proud I am of my kids and how truly happy they make me??

This is Bryn Mawr Glacier in College Fjord. In College Fjord the glaciers on the left side of the waterway are named after women's colleges and the right side are men's colleges. Anyway, notice how the two glaciers come together and form one bigger glacier. The black line that runs down the center where the two join is called the medial moraine. As the glacier moves down the mountain it scrapes up all of the rocks, plants, dirt, etc. and transports it downward. Now, you don't see the bottom of the glacier and what it is picking up but you do see the edges of the glacier. Before the two glaciers join the dark edges with the scraped-up rocks are called the lateral moraines. But once they join two of the lateral moraines become one in the middle, hence the medial moraine. Now you have a glacer with a lateral moraine on the left and right and a medial morain down the center. And there, boys and girls, is your geology lesson for today!

This is a pod of humpback whales that are bubble feeding. Here's how it works. The pod begins to circle a school of fish (ie. herring, sardines) from below. As they circle they release bubbles from their blow holes. The bubbles scare the school of little fish and they pack even tighter into a ball. There is one "singing" whale that makes calls as they do this (we got to hear it on the hydrophone....AMAZING). As the pitch of the calls gets higher the pod moves upward but continues to circle and release bubbles. A couple of the whales rise through the center of the bubble net, open their big mouths, and eat the whole school of fish. How flippin cool is that?!?! Porpoises do this also. This pictures is shows the whales with their mouths wide open after a tasty snack. LOVE IT!!

Isn't this an amazing picture of a bald eagle? This was taken on the Deadliest Catch tour. The captain would toss a small fish into the water and the eagles would descend upon it. This eagle flew directly overhead. I was in awe and am so happy to have gotten such a great picture!!

More later....I promise...


Roxanne said...

All I can say is AWESOME

Anonymous said...

AH-h-h ... as I harken back to ol' Geo 201 & 202 with Phil Garwood. I actually remember some of the geo terms you wrote about. Cool (no pun ... well, a little one maybe.) Post more, please.
Judy & (Ernie, too)

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing!Diane