Saturday, October 17, 2009

Portland, Baby!

Arrived in Portland, Oregon yesterday for the annual Geological Society of America meeting. We flew in right over Mt. Hood, and when we did, my heart got very happy. It was beautiful and covered in snow, just like in the picture above. I miss the west coast of the USA and would love to really explore this area more. Who knows where teaching jobs will take me....
The hotel is nice but nothing spectacular. I am at the Embassy Suites. Last night for dinner I went to a small restaurant called "Mother's Bistro and Bar" and had the most amazing macaroni and cheese I have ever had in my life! Okay, so it wasn't your typical Kraft stuff (which I love, by the way), instead this was homemade egg fettuchine with first-of-the-season chanterelle mushrooms and parmesano-reggiano cheese. Oh. My. God. It was so rich I couldn't even finish a quarter of it. At the end of the meal they brought my check and two little cookies. The first was a chocolate chip peanut butter cookie and it melted in your mouth. The second, my absolute favorite, was a gingersnap type cookie with crystallized ginger baked in. Let me just say that I could eat enough of those cookies to fill the UT stadium! Unbelievable!
Right now I am sitting across from two friends from UNCW. I have missed Christy (one of the original Paleogirls) so much and it is great to be sitting here with her. We talk about so much more than grad school! Everyone is working dilligently on their talks while I am goofing off and writing this blog post.


Roxanne said...

Rene, I love Portland and you are right, beautiful place. I love how you can see Mt. Hood from almost everywhere you are in the area. Enjoy spending time with friends and have a great meeting.

Anonymous said...

enjoy! I am so glad you're getting time with your Paleo friends!