Thursday, December 31, 2009

2010 Intentions...'s amazing how quickly 2009 went by. I didn't fare well in completing my 2009 intentions so I thought I would try again with new, improved 2010 intentions. Some are simple and some are quite complicated. I'm going to try my best to accomplish them. As always there are eight. Here they are...

1. Take 2 days per month to scrapbook.

2. To complete my 2009 scrapbook album as I simultaneously work on my 2010 album so I stay up to date.

3. To re-read the Harry Potter series.

4. To read 6 other books.

5. To get into shape by working out 3x per week, incorporating both aerobics and weights.

6. To rediscover my spirituality. I don't mean religion but instead the inner workings of who I am and who I want to be.

7. To figure out how to prioritize things in my life.

8. To live up to my own standards instead of the standards that so many seem to have set for me.

1 comment:

Roxanne said...

Wow, good list. Hope you can accomplish all of them but if you can't - maybe re-adjust Number 8.

Happy New Year and let's hope it is filled with FUN adventures.