Tuesday, February 02, 2010

I see potholders and scarves in your future...

Last night was my first knitting class and I had such a great time! The picture above is the beginning of a scarf that I am making for myself because I know there will be terrible mess-ups and I couldn't give that away. But beware, I see how this hobby could be addicting and relaxing. Not only that, think of the yarn shopping possibilities!

There are 7 other ladies taking the class with me. Not one of us had ever knitted a stitch in their lives so it was quite funny trying to (literally) get our hands and heads wrapped around the yarn and needles. That poor teacher was so patient! Last night we learned how to cast on and do the garter or knit stitch. Next week we will learn how to perl. Apparently anything and everything you want to make is a combo of these two stitches.

It's my goal to try to get this scarf done before we get back to class next week because I'd like to start a new scarf incorporating both knit and perl.

Don't be surprised if sometime, somewhere, some random package arrives and there are either potholders or a scarf inside. You'll know it came from the "mad knitter".......hahahahahaha

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Roxanne said...

I tried to learn how to crochet but I can't stand the feel of the yarn on the crochet needle. Made my jaws lock up every time I tried to do it...I know...I am weird. Good luck on learning this, I can't wait to see the things you will create with yet another craft you will excel at.