Friday, March 12, 2010


Last week I went to Toronto to do some work at the Royal Ontario Museum. I will write more about that tomorrow and include some pictures from there. But first I wanted to share some of my pictures from Niagara Falls. Yep, I finally got to go and I was able to cross TWO things off my bucket list. The first thing....taking a ride in a helicopter!! The picture below is from the helicopter ride over the falls. I am totally hooked on helicopters now! This gives you such a different perspective on Niagara Falls. Isn't it gorgeous?? Oh, and that "cloud" isn't a's the spray from the falls.

After we landed we got back on the tour bus and headed to the falls. I was able to grab a couple of college students to take my picture. They did a great job. This picture will go on my travel wall. Truly, I am excited!!

This is a picture I took near the edge of the falls. You are right next to it when you go. I figured they'd probably keep you back a bit but you can get very close. The power behind these falls is just amazing. And I have to say that anyone that decides they "might" be able to make it over these falls alive in a barrel needs to have their head checked!

More pictures from the museum tomorrow...I just really wanted to share these with you. Niagara Falls is amazing...truly!


Anonymous said...

truly cool I was hoping that you would post pictures!
p.s. our snow is finally starting to melt!

Roxanne said...

I always wondered why the water never ran out.