Tuesday, May 04, 2010

The Guilt Cake...

One of my students wrote to the head professor for the course the other day because he didn't feel a quiz was fair. The quiz asked 2 questions...."who was your favorite TA?" and "did you like this class?" We thought it would be an easy 100% on the quiz. He felt it was not fair. Um....okay. So we removed the quiz and the grades the students had been awarded (all 100% by the way). Later the young man felt guilty for having written to the head professor and sent me an email that he owed me a guilt cake. I joked back with him and said "mmmm...chocolate." The next day I came into my office to find the following note and a cake (most of which the TA's had eaten by the time I took the picture).

Frank, it was delicious!! Apology accepted!!

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