Saturday, July 10, 2010

Europe Day Two: The Chunnel & Paris!

We decided that we'd take the Chunnel to get to France rather than taking a ferry because it was a bit faster. The Chunnel is really an interesting ride. You pull your car into a two-level train (think double decker bus kind of thing) with 4 cars per train car. They then seal you into your train car but you can get out and walk around. The ride takes about 35 minutes and you actually ride below the waters of the English Channel to Calais, France. Here's a look at what it looks like inside your sealed train car.

Once we got to France it took about 4.5 hours to get to Paris because the A1 (the major highway to Paris) was closed in Calais for road work. I thought we'd never get there but we finally did. Mike drove around the Arc de Triomphe and I swore we were all going to die! European drivers are insane!! Here's a view from the top of the Eiffel Tower. The green area in the photo had been set up so that people could watch the World Cup on a huge TV screen. When a goal was scored the crowd erupted in cheers!

And here's a good picture of me in front of the Eiffel Tower. This one is going on my travel wall.

The Eiffel Tower is huge!! It is much larger than I expected. It takes two elevators to get to the top. The first elevator goes at an angle up one of the legs. The second elevator goes straight up the center part of the tower. It was kind of scary going up, in fact, I couldn't look out as we were going up but once we got to the top and out of the elevator I was fine.
More tomorrow...

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