Saturday, July 31, 2010

Westminster Abbey and The Globe!

Our first stop of the day was at Westminster Abbey. This place is absolutely amazing! I have no idea how they have buried so many important people in such a small place but I have heard that many are buried standing upright in their graves. We found some famous graves that we were hoping to see, such as Charles Darwin, Charles Lyell (the father of modern geology), and too many kings and queens to keep track of. We also saw the coronoation throne. It is currently being restored. I fear it is because they are anticipating the passing of Queen Elizabeth and will need to use it for Charles. This is me in front of the main doors.

Later that evening we went to the Globe Theater and watched the Shakespeare play, King Henry VIII. I should say I watched HALF of the play. After spending all day on my feet I could not stand any more during the play (we had purchased the standing entrance and had no place to sit). The first half was great though! Man, I love this picture of me! That's Mike and Megan behind me.

After the play was over we headed back to the hotels. Isn't this a lovely view of St. Paul's Cathedral?

And for those that know me and my love for all things Princess Diana...she was married at St. Paul's Cathedral!
More tomorrow...


Anonymous said...

I love this picture...~Kim

Deborah Helms said...

I really like the picture of you with your friends what an excellent look on your face. Wanted to let you know I took the plunge and started my own blog. It is I would love it if you were my first poster. Go check it out.

Love Deb