Thursday, October 07, 2010

Europe, continued...

One of my favorite things in London was taking the Jack-the-Ripper tour. I found out so many interesting things! The picture above is the Ten Bells Pub. The Ten Bells is a Victorian public House on the East End of London. It is notable for its association with two victims of Jack the Ripper, Annie Chapman and Mary Kelly.

Between 1976 and 1988, the public house was named The Jack the Ripper, and memorabilia relating to the case was displayed in the bars. The brewery ordered the change back to its original name after a long campaign demanded that a murderer of women should not be commemorated in such a fashion.

This is a picture of Phillip Hutchinson. He was our tour-guide and has written several books on the subject. He was fascinating!

This is a building by the Ten Bells Pub. Quite phallic, isn't it?

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How exciting.
This is on my list. Ohhh the list is long.