Sunday, October 10, 2010

Where she walked...

This picture is of me standing in front of the gates to Kensington Palace. If you don't know why this place is very special to me...then read on.

If you know me then you know of my love for Princess Diana. When in London I wanted to visit Kensington Palace, her London residence. The picture above is of my feet in the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain. The water was ice cold! There was a sign that spoke of the design for the fountain - there were rough spots and smooth spots, much like the life of the Princess. It said that she would love knowing that you had taken off your shoes and put your feet I did.

This is me in front of the gardens of Kensington Palace. Princess Diana used to sun herself in these gardens and she used them often to go outside and let go of whatever issues were coming up in her life. I love knowing that I likely walked on a point of the earth where she's been.

This memorial is in Harrod's. I do not think that Princess Diana was interested in Dodi as more than just a fling. An "engagement ring" is at this memorial in plexiglas. I refuse to believe it. She would have lost custody of her children and she would never have let that happen.

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