Friday, December 31, 2010

My Wish...

And so, we come to the end of another year and we begin another. This has been a good year for me as I have worked and played hard. I met several of my 2010 intentions, but not all of them. That's okay. I fully believe it's our failures that make us persist with our goals and intentions, always striving to reach the brass ring. This year I think I will keep my intentions simple...

1. Graduate!
2. Get a job!!
3. Become physically fit!
4. Become fiscally fit!!
5. Read 30 books (this year I got to 26).

I joined Weight Watchers this past Tuesday and won't have my first weigh-in until this coming Tuesday. The leader was so funny and said I should maybe wait until next week when it was free registration. I told her I'd put on 5 pounds in that week and wanted to join today because I didn't want to have to lose those in addition to what I already have to lose. She laughed and said she totally understood.

I hope each of you reading this blog has a prosperous 2011 filled with more moments that bring you joy than sadness.


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ScrappnBee said...

Happy 2011! Good luck with your resolutions!