Friday, June 03, 2011

Life is SO Good...

This is the title of a book I am reading right now but I have to admit, I really do think life is so very good. There are daily struggles and things that make us want to pull our hair out, but overall, I love my life. I don't know how the man in this book did it. The first chapter nearly brought me to my knees wondering what the heck is wrong with people. It was hard to read. Anyway, I loved the quote by his father, who said "Life is good, and I think it's getting better." So true, so true.

Today I went into the office (first time this week) and my buddy Will and I stepped right back into our routine of bugging the crap out of each other. It's comical to watch...we've heard that many times. Don't tell him but I'm going to miss him when I'm gone...even though I'll have my own office and can shut the door if I want to. Thank goodness for text and Facebook because I'm sure the craziness will just carry on via that form of technology.

I also seem to have found out that I write best and seem to be much more focused on my dissertation when I don't start until about 3pm. This morning in the office I took pictures so there was no thinking involved. But I've been working at home now for a few hours and have several figures done and am ready to finish up the last. Over the past couple of days I've really been able to get this manuscript to a new level.

Speaking of manuscripts, my first will be published in PALAIOS Journal in August! Happy 47th birthday to me. I kind of feel like a real scientist now...and if you're nice to me maybe I'll autograph a copy for you...haha.

Finally, today I submitted my paperwork for my dissertation defense. It's on July 13th at 10:00am. It's my Dad's birthday and I'm hoping the specialness (is that a word?) of the day will bring me good luck.

Note to self: must incorporate yoga into my life again.