Sunday, November 27, 2011


I think that one of the biggest mistakes I made when moving here was to not bring any of my scrapbooking supplies. I have missed it so much, and because I don't have my supplies with me then I don't feel like taking loads of pictures because I can't scrapbook them. So, now that I've rented out my house I think I will bring some of my supplies back up with me after my Knoxville visit next month. I already feel happy knowing some of my stuff will be coming with me.

I have been looking at some bracelets online and decided to buy some of the supplies to make a few for myself. Here's the stuff I bought...

And here is one of the bracelets I am going to try to copy. I found the instructions online and it doesn't seem too intimidating.
Now I wish I had my little card table to set up in my living room. I always love crafting in front of the television. Having Food Network, Cooking Channel, or HGTV in the background while crafting is such a happy thing!!

Seriously, I'm already feeling better!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

An update...

I want to start off by saying that my last post was not my usual jovial self. It's been very difficult living here in CT with no money and no friends. Hopefully that will change with the new year as I have rented out my Knoxville home. Paying both rent and mortgage, along with all of the numerous bills associated with both homes, has been really tough. Look for more upbeat posts from today forward.

Today I headed into Hartford to visit the Harriet Beecher Stowe House. WOW! What an amazingly beautiful home! For those that don't know, HBS wrote "Uncle Tom's Cabin." I took a special tour of the home. We were greeted at the front door of the home by Hattie Stowe, Harriet's oldest daughter. This was a lovely woman dressed in period costume. We were instructed to remember that we had been transported back to the late 1800's and that our questions had to reflect that date. Specifically, HBS was alive at that time so asking the actress about her Mother's death would be confusing to her.

The woman who played Hattie was exceptional! The tour began explaining that HBS had gone away for a bit of vacation but that Hattie would show us the home. We went through each room and I was so intrigued by the number of books. After the tour we found out that the actress is the museum collections manager and that all of her training has come from her history degree and her job in the museum collections. She was totally in period and I absolutely loved her presentation.

Here is a picture of the house

A picture with me and Hattie. She was fabulous!!

Afterwards, I headed to a Hartford icon, Woody's, for a hotdog and fries. I first saw this place on the news and it has been on several shows (Man vs. Food) as having excellent hotdogs. I had the southern dog, covered in chili and slaw. It was DELICIOUS!! A footlong, all beef dog, with a perfectly toasted grilled bun. Love, love, LOVE it!

Here's my lunch...

A picture of me with Woody. Loved him!!!

After all of this fun I headed back into Manchester and took back a pair of shoes to LL Bean, and then stopped in Michael's for some beading material. There's a bracelet I want to try to make for myself. Will update more as my life gets back to normal.