Monday, December 12, 2011

Graduation and Stuff...

It finally happened! I graduated. December 8th I finally walked across the stage to earn my Ph.D. Man, it felt good! Interestingly enough, although my degree was earned during the summer I didn't feel very "doctorish" until I walked across the stage. Below is a picture of me with Colin, my advisor. Fun, fun, FUN!!

Being at home has been fun. It's been nice to actually be able to scrapbook a little bit again. I am going to take some supplies home with me. I miss it too much. Not only that but I have rented out my house here in Knoxville so the stuff needs to be removed anyway. Most of my items will go into storage but some of the scrapbooking stuff is coming home with me. Today I put together a small album for my friends Jackie and Paul for Christmas. It came out cute.

Heading out to dinner with friends tonight. Can't wait!

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