Saturday, December 03, 2011

Monday will be quite a day...

Monday...11:00am...I will be finished teaching my first semester of geology. My goodness, I cannot believe that it will be done. After this first semester I know, for certain, that I am doing what I am meant to do. I have loved (almost) every minute of teaching these students about geology. I also can't believe that I've been able to keep up with preparations for class...think lectures, exams, study guides, labs, grading, etc.

Already, my mind has started thinking about teaching in the spring. I am again teaching two introductory geology classes. Now I want to add in some more content to the course so I have been looking at preparing thoughtful homework assignments, as well as revamping the major writing/research project that I have the students do. I will also be teaching an oceanography class. I will have to prepare everything from scratch for that class as well, but at least it's only one class I'm creating from scratch rather than the two I have been preparing this past semester.

On Monday I will also be finishing up my packing and getting things ready to put into the car. I'm headed back to Knoxville on Tuesday morning for a couple of weeks to graduate! I am so very excited to get to walk across the stage for the last time. My advisor, Colin, will be hooding me. It should be fun.

I will also be packing up my house and getting things moved into storage. I rented out my house - it seemed like the only logical thing to do because paying both rent and mortgage was really taxing me financially. I am so happy for the opportunity to do this.


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