Monday, January 23, 2012

NYC Day 3 - Martha Stewart

The main reason I took this trip on this particular weekend was because I was chosen to be in the studio audience for the Martha Stewart show. I was so excited to be going to see her. I got in line very early - in fact, I was 5th in line when we started going into the building. You check your coats and are seated, signing a waiver saying that you're okay with being on TV. I was so excited!! I told all of my friends and family I was going to be in the studio audience and so many were watching. Here is a photo of me in the waiting room before we were seated.

This is one of the fake rooms in the set. When you are ushered into the studio you are seated in one of two areas - either in the main audience section or in seats on the floor. I was seated on the far left-hand side of the studio. I knew immediately - I would not end up on TV. At first I thought maybe Martha only wanted pretty, skinny, colorfully and well-dressed people to show up in her audience. However, when I looked up into the audience and saw some really nasty looking people up there, I seriously wondered why I'd been seated off camera. I was so disappointed.

So you'd think I'd have a good view of the part of the set where Martha hangs out the most. I did have a good view, until the cameras all started filing in and then I could hardly see her as my view was completely blocked. The work area is pretty though.

I was also so disappointed in that you are not allowed to look around the set. Once you are seated, you are told to sit. You aren't even allowed to stand up to take pictures, nor are you allowed to move around the set at all. I understand this before the show begins, but after the show is over it would have been nice if we could have at least stood in front of parts of the set to have photos taken and to just generally look at the studio rooms. The craft room was on the opposite side of the set from where I was sitting, meaning that I would not be able to see inside. We all know that would have been the one room I would have wanted to see and photograph! Again, so disappointed.

I don't think Martha was in a good mood this day. She seemed distracted and just generally unhappy to be there. It was the first day back to shooting so maybe that was why she seemed so grumpy. I was so sad, having really liked her for so many years. After she got out of prison I really cheered for her. I wanted to see her make a good comeback.

Oh well, the rest of the trip was a great success and I was completely worn out by the time I got home. That's really what matters.


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Lisa said...

Even though it wasn't quite what you expected, what a cool experience to get to see the show being taped! i am jealous!