Sunday, February 12, 2012

Coventry Winter Market

The sun was shining and it was bitter cold outside.  But, I still went to the Coventry Winter Market, and I'm really glad that I did.  Although much smaller than the summer market, there was still a fabulous variety of items.  One vendor had heirloom apples...yum!!

I love the yellow beets!  I need to figure out how to cook them.  I appreciate the imperfect shape of the carrots.  I'd much rather have these than the perfectly straight ones we find in the grocery store.

Oh my...the bread....the delicious, delicious bread!!  Sold out by the time I got to the front of the line.  Thank goodness I snapped this photo when I did.

I did buy these cookies...they are not good.  :(  The pink peppercorn cream cheese spread is to die for!

Oooh...pretty!!  Yes, I bought myself something pretty and something delicious for Valentine's Day.  I had it wrapped up in a pretty box and I'm not going to open it until Tuesday.  I'd tell you what I bought myself but I'm trying to forget so that I'll be surprised on Valentines Day!!  The box does say "Artisan Truffles" though....

Overall, another lovely day!!

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