Wednesday, February 15, 2012

February Glam Bag

My word this year is "Self", meaning that I want to focus on me and taking care of myself.  One of the nice things I've done is buy a small monthly kit from  It is a monthly subscription in which you get a cute little make-up bag filled with full-size and deluxe samples.  Today I received my first kit and the picture above shows what I received.  To break it down, for $10 I got:

* Cute bag, nice quality, lined (hot pink & black hearts)
*Full size NYX roll on shimmer (Sea Foam color)
* X Out Shine Control
*Freeman Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask
*Deluxe samples - Premier Stretching & Revitalizing Mask and Biox Anti-aging cream
*2 large squares Ghirardelli chocolate
* $100 gift certificate to Nu.Me Professional Styling Tools

I think this is well worth the $10 price tag.  Not only that, it was so much fun to come home and open my pretty pink shiny bubble mailer with the items in it.  It's like giving myself a monthly present.

In addition to MyGlam, I have also signed up for Birchbox which basically does the same thing, and I am on the waiting list to sign up for CraveBox.  Cravebox is different in that it isn't make-up.  Instead, last months box included a pedometer, yearly subscription to Prevention Magazine, some face cream, olive oil, and a sweet treat of some sort.  For $30 a month I get three cute-as-can-be packages that arrive full of surprises...for ME!!


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