Friday, February 24, 2012

My Friday...

Honor and I woke up this morning to 4 inches of snow.  What was so odd about this snow is that absolutely no one I've spoke to was expecting it.  I watched the news last night before  I went to bed and even the weatherman didn't mention it.  I had errands to run after work today so I drove to school.  I didn't have any problems in the snow and I think that's because it was a bit slushy underneath so my tires were able to grab the road.  Here's a picture of the ECSU campus looking out of my office window.  This was taken at around 7:30am.

 The day continued to get better.  Allison, my friend with the farm, brought in 3 dozen fresh eggs that were just laid by her chickens.  I always say my favorite way to eat eggs is in cookies, but I simply could not resist these beauties!!  Look at that green speckly one!!  And the magnificent beige one next to it!  The oddball in the batch, the lone white egg.  Allison says she still doesn't know which chicken is laying those.  And finally, could you not just die over that beautiful blue egg in the bottom right corner?  I'd love to paint a room that color.

 After teaching today and working on some odd projects, I stopped in at the fish monger to pick up some scallops.  It's Lent and so it's fish on Friday.  The shrimp were too magnificent to pass up as well so I picked up 1/2 pound of scallops and 1/4 pound of shrimp.  Look at how perfectly I cooked them!  Thank you, America's Test Kitchen, for my favorite scallop recipe.

There was no way to eat everything so I have half left for lunch tomorrow.  They were the sweetest scallops I've ever had.  Delicious!!!  I love the fish monger I visit.  Everything is local, so both my scallops and my shrimp are from local U.S.A. waters.  I'd rather spend a few more dollars and buy this high quality fish rather than buy cheaper Chinese shrimp!  I'm also so thankful I have the opportunity to make that choice.


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