Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Day in Mystic...

 Today I had a craving for a lobster roll.  My friend, Allison, told me about this small lobster shack in Mystic, CT and I figured I'd run out and give it a try.  I was definitely not disappointed!!  The shack opens at noon.  I arrived at the perfect time, about 5 minutes before opening and right before the crowds.  As soon as I got in line a never ending stream of cars and bicycles headed into the gravel parking lot.  I felt like cheering when the window opened for business!


I ordered the hot buttered lobster roll.  This is much different than any other lobster roll I've ever had because there's no mayo.  The lobster was cooked perfectly but I think the roll could have done with a bit more flavor somehow...maybe more butter?  It just tasted like lobster and bun.  Delicious, but needed something more.  

I drove into Mystic and decided to walk around the town.  Mystic Pizza called my name.  Yes, this is the real Mystic Pizza where the movie with Julia Roberts was filmed!  I went in and decided to have a slice of pepperoni.  Yes, I had just had the lobster roll an hour before, but I wanted a piece of pizza from this place.  The pizza was excellent!  The crust was soft and slightly chewy, the sauce/cheese/pepperoni ratio was perfect as well.  This was probably one of the best pieces of pizza I have ever had.  Everyone was outside taking pictures, me included!

Well, you can't have a lobster roll and a piece of pizza and not have dessert!  So, I headed back towards the famous Mystic drawbridge to this cute ice cream parlor.  I was definitely not disappointed!!

I was going to have a Chai Cinnamon ice cream cone until I saw this - a sweet/salty combination of chocolate covered pretzels, salty peanuts, and caramel sauce.  Yes please, I will have a scoop of that on a sugar cone!  mmmm...delicious!

Walking across the drawbridge I looked down the Mystic River and saw the ships of the Mystic Seaport.  I'd like to go there but it costs $24 just to get inside.  That's a little steep for me if they don't have a rollercoaster...haha.

Mystic was a great little town.  I didn't stop in most of the shops because they were jewelry and artsy kinds of stores.  I did stop in a small beading store on the way back to my car though.  It was as cute as a button and I saw so many cool things.  I need to take classes before I buy anything like that to work on though.  I also didn't buy stuff because I'm going to start packing soon.  More on that later.

Until next time...

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