Monday, May 07, 2012

My Organized Office...

I am one of those people that requires things in my workspace to be clean and organized.  I knew I wanted to get my office into some type of order, but wasn't sure what to do besides put all of my courses into white binders.  I wanted something that would look appealing and offer me the storage I craved.  I was so excited when I ran across these binder templates because they are my favorite colors!  I ordered 17 white binders and set to work a couple of days ago.  I absolutely LOVE the way they turned out!!  Here they are in the book case.

Here's another view, just closer up.  I love the titles on the side.  The templates are fully editable in Adobe Illustrator so you can make them into whatever you'd like. 

Having this project completed made my heart (and head) very happy.  I also organized my books by subject (i.e. introductory geology, paleontology, oceanography).

Finally, the other thing I've been doing is buying flowers for my desk every week.  Here's a picture of this week's flowers.  Aren't they pretty?

I think that our workspace reflect who we are inside and how our brain is working.  I need neat, orderly compartments in order to be most productive.  Every night I make sure my desk is completely cleared off so that I start fresh the next morning at work.

Check out the templates for yourself.  They are located here.


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Beauty and the Scientist said...

I love the color scheme and everything is so neat :)