Monday, June 11, 2012

June Love With Food Sample Box...

I wanted to try the new sample box called Love With Food because, quite honestly, I love food and I love sample boxes.  Today my first box arrived and I was so pleasantly surprised!  The box itself arrived inside a priority envelope.  It had only been traveling for a day.  The box is so pretty to look at.  I love the red.

When I opened it up I was so pleased to see it had a summer theme, especially since there was a baseball bat on the welcome card.  I love baseball.  The back of this card gives you brief information about all of the items in your box.

Beneath the card we find 3 types of Mighty Leaf Tea.  This would make great iced tea!

Lifting the tea bags we see spicy cocktail almonds, salt water taffy,and a caramel cob with caramel popcorn.

The the bottom of the bx is a large Ballpark cookie, a package of gummy bears, and 5 honey sticks.  three of the honey sticks are peach flavored!

I think it's definitely worth $10 per month to be able to try these little goodies.  I'm please and will continue this subscription.  I purchased gift subscriptions for William, Richard, and Tiffany too.  Each of them really liked it.  This is a keeper!


Sunday, June 10, 2012

Off to do some learnin'...

Headed to Williamsburg, Virginia for a few days for a workshop intended on making early career geoscientists better scientists and teachers.  I'm meeting my friend Mike at the airport because he is going to the workshop too.  Should be lots of fun!!  The workshop will be intensive but I'm hoping to be able to get some time to do some sightseeing as well.  I'm hoping to take one of the ghost tours!  I'll post pictures as I am able.


Saturday, June 09, 2012

June 2012 Birchbox...

I received my June BirchBox and all I have to say is "THANK YOU!"  Wow!  I am loving this box.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep BB because I just signed up for the new GlossyBox (which is $21/month), but this month has reinforced my original thought, that BB is pretty darn awesome.  So, my box weighed .5950 (for those who track such things) and contained the following items (see picture at top as well):

2 Comodynes Self-Tanning Intensive towelettes
Masqueology Pore Minimizing Mask
Stila One Step Bronze
theBalm Stainiac lip and cheek stain in Beauty Queen
Tili bag
John Varvatos Star USA cologne

I will definitely use everything in this box.  I have tried the self-tanning towelettes before (I think I got one in my first BB5 box) and really liked it.  The color spread nicely with the towelette.  I'd really consider buying these because I do not spread self-tanning cream very well.

The Masqueology mask is intended to reduce pore size and amping up skin moisture.  Sounds like fun.  I think I'll try this later tonight.  The directions say to keep it on your face for ~20 minutes.  Sounds relaxing.

At first I was thinking I might trade the Stila One Step Bronze, that was until I tried it on the back of my hand.  It is luscious!!  The swirl has bronzer, primer, and serum.  It goes on very smooth and covers well.  The color looks very natural, not orangy at all.  There is also a nice sheen to this product.  I love it!

The Stainiac is lovely!!  Lovely, I say!!  The color is very sheer.  I won't use it on my cheeks but will definitely use it on my lips.  Have I mentioned it's lovely?!

The Tili bag is, well, a ziploc bag.  I'm going to be traveling tomorrow and will probably put my makeup in here.  Otherwise, it's a ziploc bag.

The Star USA cologne is a mens cologne.  I think I will take it and give it to Mike since I'll be seeing him tomorrow.  I don't really wear a lot of perfume and I think he might like it.

Overall, extremely pleased with the June BB.  As long as their quality continues on this level then I will remain a customer.  For $10 a month it's a steal!


Friday, June 08, 2012

UConn Dairy Bar...

I'm going to be headed out of town for a couple of days for a workshop.  Allison, who I've mentioned before, is going to take care of Honor for me.  I always like to try to say thank you.  Last time it was with cupcakes...this time I decided to head out to the University of Connecticut Storrs Dairy Bar.  The Dairy Bar is a part of the Department of Animal Sciences.  In the dairy barn (different than the Dairy Bar) they have cows that are milked daily.  This milk is then turned into ice cream and cheese and sold at the Dairy Bar.  Today was my first trip out there.  It's tucked away off the main road, well hidden from passing traffic.

Once you walk inside you are greeted by the nicest people.  They are students that are working at the Dairy Bar.  Everything is spotless!  It reminds me a lot of an old soda shop.

There are pre-packed half gallons of ice cream.  Today I bought 3 half gallons.  I bought one Strawberries & Cream and two Toasted Almond Amaretto.  I am taking one of each of those to Allison.  I know that's a lot of ice cream, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.  It was $7 for a half gallon.  Well worth the price!

I also got a small (well, 3 scoops) of peach ice cream.  Let me just say that this is the best ice cream I have ever had in my entire life.  Ever!


I wish I'd known about this place before leaving.  Although, I'd probably weigh 1200 pounds if I had.  Seriously though, if you're ever out this way you really must stop at the UConn Dairy Bar.  You will be richly rewarded!


Sunday, June 03, 2012

Another Bright Side...

Ah, my poor neglected scrap tote.  One of the things I have really missed moving here is having access to all of my scrapbooking supplies.  Oh, I brought a few things here at Christmas, but I just don't feel any motivation to scrapbook here.  This is one of the things I am really looking forward to - setting up my scrapbooking space again and having access to all of my stuff!  It has been far too long...


Saturday, June 02, 2012

Here I Go Again...

Well, I got the job!  I am excited to have the opportunity to move out of the Northeast.  I have not been very happy up here.  I find it to be very dirty, depressing, and no one smiles.  What the heck is up with that?  I have made a couple of really good friends though, and I am going to be sorry to leave them.  But, we must move on.

Speaking of moving, I'll be leaving Connecticut before the end of the month.  My friend Mike, who lives in Little Rock and is a professor at UALR, is going to fly up to Hartford to help me drive to my new town.  We'll stop along the way in Knoxville to pick up all of my stuff in storage, before landing in Little Rock.  I'll put my stuff in storage there for a month.  During that time I will take care of Mike's house and cat for him.  He's going to teach field course out west for 3 weeks, so this will give me time to scout out the neighborhoods and find a place to live.  It also gives me the time to be picky, unlike when I moved to this God-forsaken place.  There are a few amenities I'm looking for - garage, dishwasher, laundry room, single-floor dwelling.  It would be nice to have a small fenced-in backyard for Honor.

Anyway, just wanted to spread the word to my friends, although I don't know how many still read this blog anymore.  I'll continue to post updates as they happen.


Friday, June 01, 2012

Eating Bugs...

I have never cooked a live lobster.  It's a bit intimidating really.  They're a bit menacing looking and I am a bit nervous that they might scream when you put them into the pot of hot water.  I decided I had to try to do it though before I leave New England.  I did some research online on how to cook a lobster in a humane way and decided today would be the day.  I went to my local fish monger around lunch time.  To be honest, I almost chickened out and bought the scallops and shrimp I have come to love.  But, I had a last minute of "go for it" attitude and bought this lovely 1.75 pound boy pictured here.  I lovingly named him "Dinner".

I followed the directions meticulously.  I put him in the freezer for 20 minutes prior to cooking.  This is to put him to sleep.  From there you put him in the pot of boiling water and let him steam.  They say he is dead before he even wakes up, making it a humane way to kill him.

Funny though, when I pulled him out of the pot and put him in the sink with ice water I was nervous that he was somehow still alive.  Even when I was tearing off his claws I was afraid he'd come back to life.  He didn't - thank goodness!!

So, he was delicious (and yes, he was a he). But to be honest, I really like my scallops and shrimp more.  I just don't think he was worth the cost.  Good, but not that good.  Kind of bland, really.  So, I think that from now on I'll stick with my scallops and shrimp.  I could eat those 7 days a week! paleontology we call all these critters "bugs".  It's just what we do.