Friday, June 01, 2012

Eating Bugs...

I have never cooked a live lobster.  It's a bit intimidating really.  They're a bit menacing looking and I am a bit nervous that they might scream when you put them into the pot of hot water.  I decided I had to try to do it though before I leave New England.  I did some research online on how to cook a lobster in a humane way and decided today would be the day.  I went to my local fish monger around lunch time.  To be honest, I almost chickened out and bought the scallops and shrimp I have come to love.  But, I had a last minute of "go for it" attitude and bought this lovely 1.75 pound boy pictured here.  I lovingly named him "Dinner".

I followed the directions meticulously.  I put him in the freezer for 20 minutes prior to cooking.  This is to put him to sleep.  From there you put him in the pot of boiling water and let him steam.  They say he is dead before he even wakes up, making it a humane way to kill him.

Funny though, when I pulled him out of the pot and put him in the sink with ice water I was nervous that he was somehow still alive.  Even when I was tearing off his claws I was afraid he'd come back to life.  He didn't - thank goodness!!

So, he was delicious (and yes, he was a he). But to be honest, I really like my scallops and shrimp more.  I just don't think he was worth the cost.  Good, but not that good.  Kind of bland, really.  So, I think that from now on I'll stick with my scallops and shrimp.  I could eat those 7 days a week! paleontology we call all these critters "bugs".  It's just what we do.


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