Monday, June 11, 2012

June Love With Food Sample Box...

I wanted to try the new sample box called Love With Food because, quite honestly, I love food and I love sample boxes.  Today my first box arrived and I was so pleasantly surprised!  The box itself arrived inside a priority envelope.  It had only been traveling for a day.  The box is so pretty to look at.  I love the red.

When I opened it up I was so pleased to see it had a summer theme, especially since there was a baseball bat on the welcome card.  I love baseball.  The back of this card gives you brief information about all of the items in your box.

Beneath the card we find 3 types of Mighty Leaf Tea.  This would make great iced tea!

Lifting the tea bags we see spicy cocktail almonds, salt water taffy,and a caramel cob with caramel popcorn.

The the bottom of the bx is a large Ballpark cookie, a package of gummy bears, and 5 honey sticks.  three of the honey sticks are peach flavored!

I think it's definitely worth $10 per month to be able to try these little goodies.  I'm please and will continue this subscription.  I purchased gift subscriptions for William, Richard, and Tiffany too.  Each of them really liked it.  This is a keeper!



Beauty and the Scientist said...

I think I have found my next sample box!!!

I've never heard of this before and have been looking to try something different from the usual beauty boxes.
That cookie looks yummy :)

Rene said...

It was yummy!! And it was so big that I ate it over two days. I also like that this company donates a meal for every box sold. Makes me feel good about buying a box every month.