Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Source of Inspiration...

So, I fell in love with this asymmetrical necklace. It's by Kenneth Cole and it costs $55 at Macy's.  Although it's really pretty, I really didn't think it was worth that price, except that you are paying for a name.  I did find the necklace on ebay but I lost in the bidding.  So I thought I'd find a bead shop and see if I could recreate the necklace for myself.  Not only that but I figured it would let me expend some of my creative energy (don't forget, I'm still waiting to get my craft supplies out of the storage area at the end of the month!)

 Today I headed to Argenta Bead Company and started wandering around looking for items that matched or were a close facsimile.  I couldn't find the squarish beads, but I did find round beads!!

Now, I've never made a necklace like this in my life, so the kind ladies at ABC helped me every step of the way.  They showed me how to make all of the pieces that helped tie this necklace together.  I am so pleased with the results!!

Side by side it looks pretty darn nice.  Don't be fooled that the beads on mine are much larger, it's just that the picture is closer up than the original picture.  I quite like my creation and can't wait to wear it to school.

I fear this shop will be getting much of my paycheck in the near future.  I've got many pieces of costume jewelry bookmarked to try to make myself.



Beauty and the Scientist said...

Well done, it's absolutely gorgeous :)

Lisa said...

Beautiful work!