Saturday, July 14, 2012

Little Rock Farmers Market

Woke up this morning to some light rain.  Little Rock has been in a drought so I think it's wonderful that we've finally gotten rain.  The Little Rock Farmers Market is downtown on Saturday from 7-2 so I decided to head down and see what they had.  I was so excited to see the wide variety of fruits and vegetables available...and the best part....LOW PRICES!!  The cost of the items are so much lower than they were in Knoxville.  Yes, I do believe this will be a Saturday morning ritual.  The other nice part...because it's outside I can take Honor!!

Here's a picture of the loot I got today.  Those blackberries are unbelievably sweet.  The peaches are perfectly ripe!  The watermelon is delicious.  I will be making crash-hot potatoes to go with my chicken for dinner tonight.  Having corn on the cob for lunch!  I am so very pleased!


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