Saturday, September 22, 2012

At the Park...


One of the things we really like about living in Little Rock is the dog park.  This park is huge and extremely well cared for.  Honor and I went by this morning and spent about an hour and a half there.  The cooler fall-like weather make for a thoroughly enjoyable morning.

Honor always has friends to play with.  It doesn't matter if we go first thing in the morning or at 7pm at night, there are other dogs there.  Here we see Honor and a few of her new friends from this morning.

Honor is so funny though.  She tends not to get too far from me.  So what I have to do is walk around the perimeter of the park so that she gets her exercise.  Here you see us on the path.  She's really good about staying right on the worn down spots and only wanders off every so often.  It makes me think she'd do okay hiking without a leash, but then I remember how she acts when she sees a squirrel, and I realize this is only a pipe dream.

The other nice thing about the dog park is the huge concrete pad with big buckets for summer.  The dogs love to climb into the buckets to cool down, and the concrete pad keeps the dogs from getting too muddy and dirty.  There is a nice hose/water source right there on the pad.  Yep, we really like this place.


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