Monday, October 29, 2012

Field Trip Day!

I say it all the time..."there's nothing quite like a day in the field" and this day was no exception.  The weather was beautiful, although a bit chilly as we started off.  My friend, Mike, led the field trip for some of our introductory physical geology students.  The purpose is to help put all of the topics they've been learning (in both lecture and lab) into real-world situations.  I also think it makes the students look at the Earth entirely differently.  Here we see Mike showing students ripple marks in the sandstone layers.  This area used to be covered by ocean.


This picture is a zenolith at one of the sites we stop at.  This is a chunk of shale (sedimentary rock characteristic of deep sea) that broke off and got caught up in molten magma.  As it tumbled around, the shale folded, probably as a response to high temperatures and banging around in the magma before solidification.

A day in the field beats any day in the classroom!

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