Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Just a feel for what's going on...

Here's a view of about half of the posters from one day of GSA.  There are five days of posters, so you can imagine how many I visit.  Don't forget, there are thousands of talks going on as well.  Anyway,  I am usually one of those standing in front of a poster, presenting my new research.  This time I decided I just wanted to attend GSA and not present - boy was that a mistake!  I really felt disconnected from this meeting.  I won't do that again, unless I truly have nothing to present.

I am, however, recharged when it comes to my research and my teaching!  I purchased a new volume entitled "Teaching Paleontology" and am finding a lot of motivation.  It's one of those books of individual papers that I will read completely through.

Headed back home today.  Can't wait to pick up my little Honor Pookie Lewis.  I miss her so much!!


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