Thursday, November 01, 2012

Outside the Office Window...

I was witness to a standoff the other day outside my office window.  This hawk landed in one of the trees.  Two squirrels were running up and down the tree, chattering away and calling to each other.  The hawk moved from limb to limb.  We thought it was trying to catch one of the squirrels, but we're not so sure because the squirrels kept running past the hawk on the other side of the tree trunk, and the hawk did nothing.  Finally, the hawk flew upwards near a nest.  We don't know if the nest belonged to the squirrels or the hawk.  It isn't a very large nest.  The hawk did not remove anything from the nest though.  So now we've got two possibilities...was the hawk going into the squirrels nest for food, or does the nest belong to the hawk and the squirrels were trying to get an egg.  We're just not sure, but we tend to think the nest must belong to the squirrels because the hawk hasn't been back around, nor is it time for egg laying.

Such excitement...right outside my office window!!

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