Thursday, July 11, 2013

Washcloth with Crochet Edge...

**If you click on the pictures they should give you a larger version so that you can see detail**

Many years ago Gramma Floyd taught me how to make pretty crocheted washclothes.  She said that they were a really nice, quick gift for someone.  She made several for me over the years and I still have two that I received for my wedding that I have never used.  Sadly, Gramma Floyd passed away in 1997.  However, I've never forgotten how to make these pretty items, and make them quite often for my guest bathroom  Let me show you the steps and what you'll need.

Start off with a washcloth, a size 1 crochet hook, and some crochet thread.  Here I chose a variegated purple and green.

 The crochet is easy - the only two stitches you use are single and double crochet.  Start by inserting the crochet hook into the washcloth creating a single crochet.  Do three single crochet in the same hole.  Now, move approximately 1/4 inch and do the same thing.  Repeat this until you have gone all the way around the washcloth.  Here is a sample with the first few sets of stitches completed.

 Now you'll be on the second row.  Insert the crochet hook through the top of the loop on the stitches on the first row.  Do five single crochet this way, with only one single crochet per loop.  Next do five double crochet in the same fashion.  Repeat the pattern with five single and then five double crochet.  When you do this you'll end up with a pattern like below.

Now, when you get close to the first corner you'll switch up the pattern just a bit.  Instead of putting one single or double crochet per loop, you'll do the following:  in the first loop do a single crochet.  In the next loop do three double crochet in the same loop.  Then, repeat that pattern around the corner.  Your corner should look like the picture below:

After you complete the corner, return to the same pattern as before with five single crochet followed by five double crochet.  When you reach the corner, repeat the instructions above for the corner.


These washcloths take me about 2 hours per cloth to complete and they look so pretty when completed.  The combinations are endless!  One of my favorites was a brown washcloth with white crochet border.  I also did brown cloth with turquoise border.  I gave three of each to a friend for her bathroom as a Christmas gift.  She loved them!

The other good thing about working on these is that it keeps my hands busy so that I don't want to eat on my fast days.  Today, for some reason, I'm starving...and yet, I finished another cloth and now I'm preparing for bed.  Another successful fast day done!!

Hope you enjoyed the tutorial and give these pretty cloths a try.



Beauty and the Scientist said...

I love the colors :) My mom use to do this when we were little.

Virginia said...

So, I randomly click on different posts, I'll explain more on this in person. Anyhow, I clicked on this one today and it just makes me wonder, do you think it would work well on my wash cloths and towels that are beginning to lose the outer edging from being dried so much? I wonder which would be more cost effective, new towels or some crochet? Or if it would make them look better or more pathetic?