Monday, August 12, 2013

Too Much...

I spent this morning with the female colleagues in my department at school.  They are such amazing women and I learn so much from them.  I feel like we share our lives fairly openly, all working together to help each other reach a common goal.  I love that about us.

But then I got to thinking about some other people, and things that I've shared with them - struggles, happy moments, sad moments, things that I don't/can't say to just anyone.  What I've discovered recently is that I'm sad that I've shared some of those things because I feel like the friendship is no longer as strong as it once was.  And now I worry that I've shared too much, poured my heart out too much, and it will be used against me.

My point is this - that I need to start learning some self discipline when it comes to those I share my life with.  I need to stop being an open book and shutting my mouth a little bit more often.  Not everyone needs to know everything about me.  It's all about self preservation, really.  Having the forethought to save myself from hurting later.


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