Saturday, March 01, 2014

I matter...

It's been a long time between posts, I know, and I'm sorry.  I've been feeling really tired since the end of last summer, but I didn't have time to go to the doctor to have things checked.  As I've said before, my work schedule is crazy busy with teaching 5 classes, doing all of the lab coordinator duties, plus trying to get my research done.  I am one person trying to do the jobs of many.  I was also working out often doing the Couch to 5K running series and was on week 4 near the end of the summer.  So I just figured that being tired was due to all of the things I was doing.  Until about 2 weeks ago.

I got to the point where I thought I was just going to fall over because I was so tired.  I was getting out of breath just walking the 1/4 mile in to my office from the parking lot - and it's a flat walk with no hills.  I also started to feel dizzy and off balance.  In fact, one morning when I was putting Honor's leash on, I bent over to do so and my head fell into the wall.  If the wall hadn't been there I would have tumbled head over heels.  For 2 days I fought with my balance, and that scared me - a LOT!

So I saw the doctor and told her about my symptoms.  She was a bit condescending in her reaction to my issues - no doubt because she saw me as this obese woman and it's no wonder I'm out of breath walking.  She didn't really seem to take me seriously.  But I told her I'd had a history of anemia and that I'd like to have blood drawn to have my iron levels checked.  She did it but I feel like I pressured her into it.

Results came back 4 days ago...normal iron levels are between 35-55mg/l....mine was 8mg/l!!  Hemoglobin should be between 15-55%...mine was 2%!!  It's no wonder I'm exhausted.  My blood can't carry enough oxygen to supply my body with what it needs.  The doctor called yesterday (3 days AFTER the results were posted) to tell me I had low iron (DUH) and that I need an iron transfusion.  I'm sure it will be a series of these like last time.  I also have very low vitamin D levels.

This got me to thinking though.  I really haven't been taking care of myself very well.  I don't always take my vitamins, I don't exercise regularly, and I don't have a healthy diet. I also try to help EVERYONE, especially my students who are taking advantage of my generosity this semester.  I'm resolving myself to fix these items starting immediately.  I've started taking my vitamins regularly now.  I am making an effort to do yoga every day.  I bought lots of fruits and veggies at the store today.  I resolve to eat better and take better care of myself.  I am no longer going to stay 1-2 hours after class is over to help my students.  I have things I need to do and I need to rest after teaching for 3 hours straight.  Long story short, changes need to be made...because, I matter just as much as everyone else!!


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