Friday, November 28, 2014

Home Improvement Continues...

I love my home, but there were a few things that I felt needed done to the front of the house in order to make it more presentable.  I hated coming home and seeing hideous looking lights (see below in the first picture) on either side of the front door and broken, missing parts lights on either side of the garage.  In the picture below you can see what the two at the front door looked like.  Seriously hideous!  The color is absolutely putrid.  The two alongside the garage were the same style except all that was there was the uppermost bulbous portion - there wasn't even a hexagonal globe below...and they were totally different colors!  GAH!! 

After putting up with this since I bought the house in June I decided to do something about the lights.  At first I thought I'd take down the lights and spray paint them an oil rubbed bronze color then reuse them.  When I priced two new matching lights at Home Depot for the ones around the garage, the cost was outrageous.  Plus, I really don't like these lights at all.  So, down the four of these monstrosities came!!


And this is what I replaced those awesomely hideous lights with.  Again, this is an electricity project and I am no fan of working with electricity (I have a fear of being shocked to death).  But, I endured and replaced all four of the lamps and it was pretty darn easy, even working by myself.  Isn't it gorgeous?  Home Depot had a set of two of these for $39.99.  Buying these four lamps cost me less than buying two of those hideous ones to replace...and I like these so, so, SO much more!  I think they're just pleasing to the eye.  They make me deliriously happy.

I also wanted to paint the front door and get rid of the brass/gold fixtures.  Well, a girl has to have a budget, so I decided to spray paint the door hardware a lovely brushed nickel color.  I read about it online and thought "what the heck, let's go for it."  So I did and I used Rustoleum metallic spray paint in brushed nickel to do the job.  I think they came out rather nice.  I painted the door a nice dark brown called Dark Cavern (isn't that a lovely name for the front door of a geologist?!?!) and installed a matching brushed nickel kickplate at the bottom.  (Look at those two gorgeous lanterns, too!!)  I ordered a little something else from Etsy today for the front door.  I'll take another picture once it arrives and I have it installed.

It's coming along nicely.  I hope you find it as pleasing as I do.
Now it's time for a nice warm cup of tea and a little relaxing.

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